dream? design? develop? It's not just some random words strung together. It's the result of years of work, research, and learning distilled down into a mentality, a creed if you will, of all things internet-related.

dream The only limitation to a well designed websites is the imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.

design It's said that true design solves problems. That's how commadelimited approaches every, the client, have a problem that needs resolution. That is why you're here after all, right?

develop Once the initial concepts and designs have been finalized and approved, we bring the dream, and the design, to life. Our experience allows us to select the right tool for the job; whether it be Flash, AJAX, or just plain old HTML. Using our multi-tiered approach we deliver a finished product your company can be proud of.

about commadelimited

andy matthews

Application developer, database administrator, and project manager in a wide variety of business applications. Experienced in a wide variety of server and client side software and programming languages including Coldfusion, SQL (MySQL, SQL Server), HTML, CSS, Javascript and Actionscript.

More than just alphabet soup, these words describe Andy Matthews, founder of commadelimited, a full-featured design and development studio. With over ten years of experience building rich internet applications, user interfaces, attractive websites, and robust back-end content management systems, Andy Matthews, commadelimited, is an ideal fit for your next project.

By the way, it's comma delimited, not command limited, or command delimited. It's a data format where each piece of information is separated by a comma.Think CSV files and you're right on the money.

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personal projects

Below you can find a list of projects on which I'm working. These are projects that are either examples, publicly available code, presentations that I've given, or experiments in personal development. Feel free to browse through them, and if downloads are available, to help yourself. Use them and enjoy them.

completed projects

Shrinkadoo - Adobe AIR application allows users to create short URLs straight from the desktop

shrinkURL - ColdFusion library for accessing the APIs of multiple URL shortening services

picasaCFC - ColdFusion based RSS reader for Picasa Web Albums

Filler text - A humorous replacement for the standard Lorem Ipsum text

experiments - my personal blog

tablefilter - jQuery filter for table data

deepthoughts - the collected works of Jack Handy

lyrics display - lyrics and chord display without using fixed width fonts and the <pre> tag


CSS & HTML: Alphabet Soup or Best Friends Forever


Sometimes we manage a project from start to finish, and other times we only manage a portion. A partial list of our work can be found below.

development only

design & development
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contact commadelimited

If you'd like to request a quote from commadelimited, or would like to make additional inquiries regarding our services or our work, please use the contact information below.

andy matthews
founder | main man
p: 615.258.3634
c: 615.414.5533